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Single Player AchievementsEdit

These achievements will net you 535G in total.

Prologue: Complete Chapter 1. [10]

Exposure: Complete Chapter 2. [10]

Baggage Claim: Complete Chapter 3. [10]

Moths To The Flame: Complete Chapter 4. [10]

The Shipment: Complete Chapter 5. [10]

The Bait: Complete Chapter 6. [10]

Industrial Evolution: Complete Chapter 7. [10]

Unnatural History: Complete Chapter 8. [10]

Threshold Guardian: Complete Chapter 9. [10]

The Dark Sector: Complete the game. [100]

Brutal Difficulty: Complete the Game on Brutal Difficulty. [110]

Headhunter: Decapitate 30 enemies. [10]

Incinerator: Incinerate 30 enemies. [10]

Electrician: Electrocute 30 enemies. [10]

Jack Frost: Kill 30 frozen enemies. [10]

Finesse: Kill 30 enemies with Aftertouch.[40]

Hardball: Kill 30 enemies with Power-throw. [35]

Sharpshooter: Get 30 Headshots. [10]

Glaive Master: Completed a level by only using the Glaive. [10]

The Finisher: Performed 30 finishers. [10]

Double Decap Latte: Get two decapitations in one shot. [15]

Skeet Shooter: Shot 10 projectiles in mid-flight. [10]

Weaponsmith: Apply 5 upgrades in the market. [10]

Greed: Collect over 50,000 rubles. [10]

Researcher: Collected 10 weapon upgrades. [10]

Master Researcher: Collected all the weapon upgrades. [15]

Rebound: Killed an enemy with a reflected projectile. [15]

Multiplayer/Online AchievementsEdit

These achievements will net you 200G in total.

Glory: Finished best overall in a ranked Infection match. [30]

Veteran: Scored 500 points in ranked Infection games. [30]

Hero: Scored 2000 points in ranked Infection games. [40]

Champion: Best overall in a ranked Epidemic match. [30]

Comrade: Scored 500 points in ranked Epidemic games. [30]

Hero of the people: Scored 2000 points in ranked Epidemic games. [40]

Secret AchievementsEdit

These achievements will net you 265G in total.

Colossus: Defeated the Colossus. [50]

Stalker: Defeated the Stalker. [65]

Nemesis: Defeated the Nemesis. [80]

Jack the Jackal: Took the Jackal for a ride. [35]

Ghost: Used cloaking to get a finisher. [35]

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