Ammo Boxes are items in Dark Sector that Hayden can pick up. When picked up, they provide Hayden with ammunition for all of his firearms. They come in two forms; a smaller rectangular box of ammunition and a larger, military-style ammo boxes that provide a large amount of ammunition for Hayden's weapons.

They can often be found inside Weapon Crates, but can also be found scattered around the environment, such as on shelves or on the floor. They can be picked up using the Glaive or picked up normally. Picking up an ammo box while all ammo is full will still make the box disappear without giving the player any ammo. They are not affected by physics, and will flash white to get the player's attention.


Small Ammo BoxEdit


A small ammo box

The Small Ammo Boxes are small, commercial boxes of ammunition with red and brown packaging, a picture of two rifle cartridges, and the words "DS Amo" printed on the top, with DS most likely standing for Dark Sector. They are commonly found inside small Weapon Crates and during the beginning of the game, but they begin increasingly more rare in favour of large ammo boxes towards the end of the game. They will generally only give about a magazine of ammunition for each ammo type.

Large Ammo BoxEdit


A large ammo box

Large Ammo Boxes are larger, military-style ammo boxes that are green in colour and made of metal. On the side the words "7.62x39mm" are printed in yellow paint. They can almost always be found in large weapon crates, but can also be found inside the smaller weapon crates, especially towards the end of the game. They will generally give around two or three magazines of ammunition for each ammo type.

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