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Hayden Tenno
Age: 29
Height: 6'1"
Weight(s): 185 lbs
Nationality: American
Voice Actor: Michael Rosenbaum

Hayden Tenno is the protagonist of Dark Sector. A morally ambivalent C.I.A agent and "clean-up-man", he has congenital analgesia, which renders him unable to feel physical pain. He is supported by Yargo Mensik, a scientist and sleeper agent who knows the origin of the Technocyte virus.


Early Life & CareerEdit

His background and upbringing remain a mystery, so Tenno's life, in essence, was primarily t'abula rasa until he began working for the US Air Force, and eventually the C.I.A. And it was, literally, a role he was born to play. Even considering his relative youth, Tenno quickly became the CIA "cleaner," able to accomplish any assignment no matter the location, the risk or the operational FUBAR, which would inevitably take place due to the nature of his missions.

And what was the nature of his missions? Hayden Tenno was assigned to clean up after the operational messes left all over the globe. Whether an agent went down or failed an assignment, Tenno had to go in and tie up all the loose ends into a nice, pacified, quiet bow.

At some point before the Lasria mission, Tenno had an operational failure, which resulted in a demotion in status and reputation. Details of this assignment are classified, though it involved the slaughter of many people he feels did not need – or deserve – to die.

Dark SectorEdit

As Dark Sector begins, Tenno is offered redemption by his Assignment Director and sent into Lasria with the promise that this will be his last mission. Tenno is perfectly suited for this job, since his borderline superhuman tolerance for pain, his relationship with missing Agency operative Robert Mezner and his previous involvement with another rogue Nadia Sudek gives him a physical edge and an emotional stake in the Lasrian problem.

Upon arrival in Lasria – and his subsequent infection by a new strain of experimental nano-virus – Hayden realizes that in many ways, his entire tenure at the Agency has been a set-up for this particular assignment. The Technocyte virus begins to change Hayden, creating a metal carapace sheath along his right arm. Soon after the initial infection, Hayden is able to manifest a specialized weapon from the organic metal, sprouting a curved metallic Glaive that erupts from his forearm and comes armed with varied, ever-growing lethal properties.

Using the very method of Lasria's destruction as a means to save the ravaged Russian city – and to redeem his own wounded soul, Hayden continues with his mission. They sent their fallen angel into a locale that would ensure either one of two results: his death, or worse -- a successful completion of the mission, which would, by its very nature, change Hayden into something more than man… but less than human…


In his C.I.A psychological evaluation, Hayden is classified as as "psychotic" and "unfit for duty".

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Pain Immunity - Hayden suffers from congenital analgesia, a rare conditions in which a person has a severely reduced feeling of physical pain. This is how Hayden was able to maintain his sanity after his infection; he feels severely reduced pain from the infection.

Technocyte AbilitiesEdit

  • Metallic Skin - After his infection by the Technocyte virus, the skin of Hayden's arm began to mutate and encase itself into an organic, greyish-silver metal. Over time, the infections spread to the right side of his chest and began to transform the skin into this metal.

Glaive AbilitiesEdit

Dark sector 01

Hayden armed with the Glaive.

Hayden's signature weapon is the Glaive, a tri-blade throwing weapon similar to a boomerang which returns to Hayden after each throw. The Glaive is a natural side-effect of his infection and is part of his mutated anatomy.The Glaive can be used for long-distance combat, solving environmental puzzles, and picking up in-game items. When in close proximity to an enemy, context-sensitive actions may appear, allowing the player to execute enemies with "finishers".

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